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The Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council is a non-profit organization which has a Board of Directors that strives for inclusiveness. It is comprised of Faith Directors representing some 15 specific faith traditions and At-Large Directors from the greater community, all of whom are passionate about multi-faith understanding. Working through Directors, Alternates, Advisors and Friends, the Council strives to provide engaging and educational programs about the many diverse philosophies represented in Greater Kansas City by joining religion, spirit and community. Explore the many programs we develop and strive to implement within the communities for a stronger foundation through diversity and fellowship.



The Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council is shocked and saddened by the recent attack at the Somali Center of Kansas City, which resulted in the death of 15-year-old Abdisamad “Adam” Sheikh Hussain. We applaud the quick response of law enforcement units, which are investigating this incident as a possible hate crime. There is evidence that the community had been dealing with anti-Muslim statements and threats prior to this incident.

The Interfaith Council continues to promote understanding of all religions and continues to offer multi-faith education, which is key to a civilized society. We implore people in the Kansas City community to learn about different religions and cultures in order to prevent discrimination and violence.

Our sympathies go out to the victim’s family, to the Somali Center, and all people who care about humanity.



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